Services & Solutions

Technical Building Services provides global solutions to its customers for the management of their technical infrastructures. Our harmonized solutions support the activities of our clients, reduce their costs and provide added value to their operations.


What we offer

  • Advice : whether to give a simple notice or assisting in the conceptualization of a project, Technical Building Services helps its customers to develop sustainable solutions.
  • Installation : the team of Technical Building Services is specialized in the realization of projects such as chillers, air conditioning, boilers, ...
  • Preventive maintenance : a good maintenance program helps to increase the lifecycle of technical installations while optimizing occupant comfort as well as energy costs.
  • Emergency operations : Technical Building Services provides a 24 hours service for troubleshooting.
  • Repair : during an outage, the staff of Technical Building Services tries, whenever possible, to repair at least temporary the installations.
  • Equipment Replacement : it is possible that a failure requires, after temporary repair, a replacement of a part of or the whole installation.
  • Energy monitoring : in the presence of energy metering systems, the staff of Technical Building Services performs regular checks of these figures in order to develop the most suitable solutions for its customers.