Governments and communities

Technical Building Services is specialized in the management of public procurement procedures and is active in different types of buildings related to the state, municipalities or regions such as Schools or Universities.

Real estate and shops

Technical competence and responsiveness of the Technical Building Services staff positions us as an ideal partner for maintenance of buildings and shops where occupant comfort has great importance. This includes Office buildings, Supermarkets and Shopping centers.


The precision and seriousness of our technicians allows Technical Building Services to offer high-level services to healthcare professionals, namely Nursing homes, Hospitals and Laboratories.


Technical Building Services provides services tailored to the needs and procedures in place in the industry. Whether a production unit, a mixed building or storage building, we offer customized services in various industries such as Pharmaceutical, Automotive and Printing.

Culture, sports and leisure

Our planning and monitoring tools place us in good position to capture a clientele that requires a good reporting and a great flexibility in our interventions, such as Sport Centres and Hotel groups .